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Why not try fighting frailty as we age.   Many seniors are active and robust as they age.  For some, though, serious illness, medications, and social changes such as personal loss or decrease in income can interfere with an active lifestyle.

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Good News For Seniors

WB01626_1.gif (272 bytes)  Try to eat 4-5 small meals or snacks per day.

WB01626_1.gif (272 bytes)  Try to eat a small serving of each food group at each meal or snack.

WB01626_1.gif (272 bytes)  Try to choose a variety of foods within each group.

WB01626_1.gif (272 bytes)  As per PHYSICIAN'S APPROVAL, include regular, simple movement throughout the day.

WB01626_1.gif (272 bytes)  Try to drink small amounts of fluid all day long (6-8 cups).


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Choose an eating pattern that is low in fat, especially animal fat and cholesterol (only found in animal foods).  Adequate fiber is basic to senior well-being.  An important move in this direction is to make plant foods--cereal/grains, vegetables and fruit--the basis of the diet.  Also, choose lower-fat milk and meat foods to balance out the nutrient intake.  Go easy on the creams, sauces, dips and gravies, as well as salt and sodium-based foods such as canned, packaged and convenience foods.

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We can impact our quality of life.

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